DE BUYER CHOC Non-Stick Frypan with Cast HACCP Green Handle 28cm - 8060.28


Rs 1,890


Model: 8060.28

  • 28cm
  • 4mm Aluminium thickness
  • Pan perfect for delicate cooking & reheating
  • Choc 5 HACCP undeformable cookware: 
  • Steady rise in temperature; 
  • Uniform heat diffusion across the skirt
  • Reinforced bottom
  • 5 layers coating: resistant for intensive use
  • Riveted iron handle curved French-style and epoxy coloured 
  • Compliance with HACCP; limits health risks
  • Application of colour codes; Green handle for vegetables
  • Do not heat on its own or overheat
  • Avoid temperature shocks
  • Do not use metal objects in the cookware
  • Care: wash by hand only, non-abrasive sponge
  • For all cook tops EXCEPT induction
  • Made in France

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