TRAMONTINA 11″ [28cm] Professional Master Butcher Knife White 24621/081


Rs 1,390


Model 24621/081


Quality and durability for professionals who work hard. With state-of-the-art technology, Tramontina's professional knives are always ready to spring into action and show off with any ingredient, cut, or recipe. Efficiency is what is not lacking. The very high quality of the sheets, the result of the heat treatment made up of tempering (heating of the sheet), subzero (cooling from negative 50 to 196 degrees) and tempering (increasing the elasticity of the steel) gives them a long and efficient life. The anatomy and ergonomics of the textured polypropylene handle, injected directly onto the steel core, offer safety and comfort during handling. Antimicrobial protection inhibits and reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi.

  • Total length: 42.5 cm
  • Width: 7.2cm
  • 11-inch stainless steel blade with smooth edge


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