TRAMONTINA 3Pcs Plenus Knives Set [Blister Packaging] 23410/365


Rs 290


Model: 23410/365

Celebrate meetings and the happiness of being close to the ones you love, for a family barbecue, be ready to provide flavor and practicality. For this, purchase the Tramontina Plenus Barbecue and Fruit Knife with Stainless Steel Blade and 5-inch Gray Polypropylene Handle and get more comfort in handling, as its polypropylene handle has an anatomical shape that fits perfectly by hand. Tramontina is strength and durability!


  • The stainless steel blade has greater durability of the wire due to the heat treatment.
  • The polypropylene handle has greater strength and durability.
  • It can go in the dishwasher making your day to day easier.

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