TRAMONTINA 5'' [13cm] Pork Leg Boning Knife - 24616/085


Rs 790


Model: 24616/085

Knife for cutting pork 5 "Tramontina Professional Master 24616/085 differs from a regular knife in a special shape of the blade, sharpening angle. With this knife you can cut not only meat, but fish.

PROFESSIONAL MASTER is a special series of knives designed to meet the requirements of professional chefs. Kitchen tools Professional Master - an example of quality, safety and durability!

Knives of the professional series are in constant demand among those who cook at home. At home, professional knives serve for years and do not require additional sharpening. Each blade of Professional Master knives is sharpened to a specific angle, which guarantees a constant sharpness of the edge of the blade, so necessary for working with various products. Special sharpening of the blade in the form of a wedge allows you to cut products of any structure without tearing the fibers, making cutting accurate and beautiful. Professionals will especially appreciate it!

Professional Master series knives are made of stainless steel DIN 1.4110 (according to American classification), which has good ductility, high impact strength, good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It is a steel with a high carbon content, so the blade is resistant to blunting. If the knife starts to cut badly, then all that is needed is to straighten the blade back with a tool. To avoid rust problems, wash the knife immediately after use and either leave to dry or wipe dry.

Another advantage of Professional Master knives is their handle. The blade and handle of the knife make up one plate, which, during long and frequent work, eliminates breakage of the product at the junction of the handle and blade. The very same anatomical handle, a special non-slip texture makes working with a knife safe. The handle is made of polypropylene, this material is hygienic, has antibacterial and antimicrobial protection, inhibits the growth of bacteria.

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