TRAMONTINA 6'' [15cm] Century Chefs Knife 24011/106


Rs 2,690


Model: 24011/106

Tramontina's Century line of knives was developed especially for gourmets and culinary lovers. One of the most versatile models in the line is the Chef Century 15″ Tramontina Kitchen Knife , as it is a Japanese knife used for all types of cuts. 

The Tramontina Chef Century 15″ Kitchen Knife was designed to ensure the longest durability of the product, even when used frequently in professional kitchens. The knife blade is produced in stainless steel with heat treatment, which gives greater durability and resistance to the edge, while the handle, in addition to being extremely resistant to impacts because it is made of polycarbonate with fiberglass, has a design designed for the comfort of who handles the utensil, with perfect ergonomics and anatomy.

The ergonomic fit is an extremely important factor, since the knife must act as an extension of the hand, and at the same time be safe and provide comfort and less effort when cutting food.

The Century knife blade is made of 15″ stainless steel with a smooth edge, its handle is made of polycarbonate with fiberglass, inserted directly over the tang (portion of the blade that is covered by the handle) of the blade.


  • 15cm blade length: L 27.6cm x W 4cm x H 1.6cm


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