VERTUX RADIANCE.BK/EN Ergonomic Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard - Radiance.BK/EN


Rs 1,190


Model Radiance.BK/EN

Rapid Response Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Take your gaming setup to the next level with Vertux Vendetta. This high-performance keyboard and mouse combo is perfect for all your gaming endeavors. With GX rubber dome switches, the anti-ghosting keyboard executes command faster, making it easier for you to win every battle. The gaming keyboard also boasts 26 anti-ghosting keys and RGB lighting with 9 modes. On the other hand, the combo features a high-precision gaming mouse with 6 buttons. With the DPI customization button, adjust DPI from 1000-3200 while gaming with a simple tap. Vendetta is indeed the perfect gaming combo that most of you are looking for.



  • Elevate Your Gaming Performance: Remain a step ahead of your enemy with this high-performance gaming keyboard with fast tactical feedback and crisp sound.
  • Never Lose Keypress: The gaming keyboard features 6 anti-ghosting keys means the keyboard will handle multiple keypress during all your battles.
  • Potent LED Illumination: Radiance boasts stylish rainbow backlight, allowing you to enjoy games even in low light.
  • Reduce Action Time: The custom-designed keycaps reduce feedback time so that your every keypress takes least time to register.
  • Crafted to Last: The stylish gaming keyboard is ultra-durable and tested for 10 million keystrokes so that you can compete without worrying about your keyboard.


Technical Specification

  • Rating: 5V, 0.15A
  • Frequency: 125Hz
  • Backlight: Rainbow LED
  • Keystroke Life: 10 Million
  • Anti-Ghosting: 6 Keys


Warranty Period : 2 Years - Back to Base

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