Instant® Multi Grain Rice Cooker + Steamer 12 Cup / 2.8L - New Arrival

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Model: 140-5021-01-EU

The new Instant Rice Cooker + Steamer makes cooking rice and steaming dishes easier than ever. The perfect companion to use alongside your Instant Pot Multi Cooker or Vortex Air Fryer for side dishes or main courses, or make a full meal with just this one handy piece of kit.

So many possibilities for the perfect pairings…

*Study conducted to assess starch levels when cooking the same 2 cup rice recipes with and without the CarbReducing function and basket. Rice variety and cooking time can impact overall carbohydrate reduction. 


  • FOOLPROOF RICE COULDN’T BE SIMPLER – add the grain and liquid, and the Rice Cooker automatically programs to the correct time and temperature for perfect results!
  • NO MORE MESS FROM PANS BOILING OVER OR ADJUSTING WATER LEVELS AND HEAT – our rice cooker takes the guesswork out and gives you consistent results, every time.
  • A HEALTHIER WAY TO COOK WITH UP TO 40% LESS CARBS AND SUGAR – CarbReduce technology can lower carb levels without sacrificing taste and texture*.
  • WORKS AS A STEAMER, SLOW COOKER AND SAUTÉ PAN TOO – don’t just use for cooking rice – you can also steam vegetables and fish, sauté meats and slow cook stews.
  • UPGRADE YOUR RICE DISHES WITH EXTRA FUNCTIONS – sauté your cooked rice into tasty fried rice all in one pot
  • PERFECT FOR MEAL PREP, OR FEEDING THE WHOLE FAMILY- 2.8L capacity makes cooking rice in bulk super easy, serving up to 2-12 portions.
  • EASY FROM START TO FINISH – Measuring cup for easy grain to liquid ratio, rice spatula for serving and dishwasher safe inner pot and accessories.
  • Capacity: 12 Cup / 2.8L​
  • 6-in-1 Function: White Rice, Slow Cook, Brown Rice, Saute Steam, Carb Reduce
  • Weight: 2.68kg​
  • Power: 220-240 V
  • Length of power cord: 110cm​
  • Dimension [cm]: 28.6 x 27.3 x 21.5

Warranty Period 

  • Functional Parts & Labour [Client return item to Service Center] - 2 Years

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