AEG 116L Multifunctional Oven + Air Fryer 90cm - BEK735910M


Rs 102,990


Model: BEK735910M


  • Dimension: 90cm
  • Capacity: 116L
  • Air Fryer mode
  • Led digital Display
  • IsoFront®Plus – Triple glasses
  • MaxiKlasse™ Multifunction Oven
  • 10 Cooking Functions
  • Twin ThermicFan
  • Stainless steel & black glass
  • Enamel Cleaning
  • Made in Australia


  • Extra Large Cavity Oven with 4 baking levels: 90cm wide, 116L usable capacity, big enough to take your cooking further. Big capacity, better results.
  • AirFry: Why not fry with less oil. The mesh construction of the AirFry tray allows super-heater air to crisp the surface of ingredients to deliver a delicious fried taste and texture, with less oil.
  • SurroundCook: Expect even, every time. The advanced twin fan technology ensures that every part of your dish gets the heat it needs. Distributes heat so that dishes are cooked evenly, no matter where they are placed.
  • Intuitive LED display: Fast effortless access. LED screen with 5 buttons to quickly access the most frequent functions like clock, timer and temperature control.
  • 3 Layers glass: Extra-safe triple glazing. Triple glazed door keeps the outside of the oven cool and efficiently reflects heat back inside.
  • Fast heat-up: Get cooking faster. Fast heat-up warms your oven to the desired temperature quickly so you can start cooking sooner.
  • Multifunction Oven with multi-level cooking: Full oven, fully cooked. Multiple heating rings spread heat evenly, to make sure all your meals are cooked properly. Choose from multiple cooking functions including; Bottom heat, Conventional baking, Fan cooking, Fast heat up, Grilling, Moist fan baking, Pizza setting, True fan cooking, Turbo grilling
  • Telescopic runners: Access all areas. Provide better access to make it easier and safer to remove hot and heavy dishes.
  • Timer helps you to plan when multi-tasking & complete cleaning made simple with removable door


  • Functional Parts & Labour - 2 Years | Transport - 1 Year

For Service Purposes: Cooker Unit required

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