AEG 60cm Built-In CombiGrill AirFry Microwave Oven with 30L Capacity - MSE3057CB


Rs 38,990


Model: MSE3057CB

  • Dimension: 60cm
  • Capacity: 30L
  • AirFry your food for a fried taste with less oil.
  • Convection function for roasting or baking.
  • CombiGrill for fast, crisp results
  • Turntable diameter and material: 315mm Glass
  • Black glass with stainless steel cavity
  • Microwave Output: 900W, 5 levels, Grill 1250W
  • Cooking modes: Convection | Grill | Microwave | Microwave & Grill
  • Pre-programmed: Heat and hold, Instant on/+30seconds, Quick start
  • Made in Asia
  • For Service Purposes: English Plug

1. AirFry WHY NOT FRY WITH LESS OIL The mesh construction of the AirFry tray allows super-heated air to crisp the surface of ingredients to deliver a delicious fried taste and texture, with less oil.

2. Convection function MWO WHY NOT BAKE IN YOUR MICROWAVE The convection function is perfect for roasting meats or baking bread in your microwave.
3. CombiGrill program MWO CRISP RESULTS. FAST. The CombiGrill program uses grill and microwave cooking for quick, but deliciously crisp results.
4. Easy cleaning WIPE-CLEAN INTERIOR Internal cavity coating is easy to clean to keep your appliance spotless.
5. Glass turntable EVENLY COOKED RESULTS The glass turntable is perfect for large dishes, ensuring even cooking and preventing cold spots.
6. Capacity ENOUGH SPACE FOR TASTE This appliance has a large internal capacity, so you have enough space to cook bigger meals.
7. Defrost setting DEFROST GENTLY. RETAIN TASTE. Defrost setting allows you to defrost foods gently so they retain flavour.
8. Timer IT’S ALL ABOUT TIMING. The integrated timer helps you to plan your cooking when multi-tasking in the kitchen.


  • Functional Parts & Labour - 2 Years
  • Transport - 1 Year

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