Brabantia 40m Rotary Cloth Dryer + Ground Tube + Acc. Metallic Grey - 323201


Rs 6,190


Model 323201 - Brabantia 40m Rotary Cloth Dryer + Ground Tube + Acc. Metallic Grey


  • Height: 190.0 cm
  • Length: 189.0 cm
  • Width:  189.0 cm
  • Total length: 40 meters
  • Type of fastening: No
  • Made in Latvia

So much to dry, so little space… The Brabantia Essential rotary dryer takes up minimal room in your garden, but has plenty of quality, UV-resistant washing line with non-slip profile. And this partner-in-laundry has more pleasant surprises for you. Like the specially designed arm-end to hang clothes hangers from or its sturdy hanging loop for easy storage. All you need for easy-breezy natural drying.

Features & benefits :

  • Easy opening - easy to operate ‘Umbrella’ system.
  • Standing strong - ø 35 mm ground level plastic tube with cap for sturdy anchorage in concrete included (code A).
  • Great line - UV-resistant drying lines with non-slip profile.
  • No sagging - 2-way retensionable drying lines, always taut.
  • For clothes hangers too - all arms fitted with special holes.
  • Easy storage - with sturdy hanging loop.
  • Good for the planet too - energy saving and supporting WeForest with planting more trees.
  • Can hold more than three machine loads of laundry - 4 arms, 40 m/131 ft of superb drying line.

Warranty Period 

  • 5 Years of Warranty


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