DE BUYER Fry Pan Choc 5 Resto Induction Green Handle 20 cm - 8460.20


Rs 2,390


Model: 8460.20
  • Non-stick round pan perfect for gentle cooking, reheating...
  • HACCP : green handle for cooking vegetables.

  • The Lyonnaise shape enables food to slide easily onto a plate.
  • Extra thick aluminium (5mm): unbreakable and high resistance of the coating during use on induction hobs.
  • Bottom in induction-friendly AISI 304 ferritic stainless steel
  • High-end coating consisting of 5 layers: professional quality resistance; optimal slip; designed for heavy use.
  • Riveted iron handle, coated with green epoxy resistant to the flash oven (10min ; 200°C).
  • Handle French-style curving: simple grip: easy handling.
  • Do not heat on its own or overheat. Avoid temperature shocks. Do not use metal objects in the cookware.
  • Care: wash by hand only, non-abrasive sponge.
  • All cook tops including induction.

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