DE BUYER Hemispherical Bowl Stainless Steel 24 cm - 3372.24


Rs 2,190


Model: 3372.24
  • Professional half-round bowl called "cul-de-poule" for whisking, heating by bain-marie, storing a mixture....
  • Ideal for horizontal whisking.
  • Multifunctional bowl that goes in the fridge, deep-freezer, blast-chiller and oven.
  • An essential and traditional half-round shape: a shape which helps to incorporate air into a mixture.
  • All stainless steel: heavy-duty, robust and undeformable.
  • Functional and ergonomic open rolled edge, which enables a secure, strong and comfortable grip for a dynamic whisking.
  • Open rim for easier cleaning.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Dimension [D x H cm] : 26.6 x 12.4

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