DE BUYER - Roll of Braun Baking Paper Non Stick, 8m - 4357.00


Rs 590


  • Made with 100% natural fibres from sustainable forest management, this ecological and unbleached baking paper is SFM certified.
  • Practical, it is silicone coated on both sides for quick handling and to avoid any problem with using the wrong side. Silicone provides excellent non-stick properties.
  • It is resistant and suitable for high and low temperatures alike.
  • This baking paper is practical, being disposable for maximum hygiene and can be re-used after oven cooking at low temperatures, such as baking meringues, for example (hand wash).
  • Do not expose to heat when empty on a tray.
  • Do not heat above 220°C.
  • Measurements: 8mx 38cm.

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