DE BUYER Stew Pan 2 Handles +Glass Lid, CHOC EXTREME 24 cm - 8311.24


Rs 7,490


Model: 8311.24
  • Stew pan with glass lid, perfect for stewing. High edge favors condensation, ideal for gentle and long cooking.
  • Even and controlled cooking.
  • Uniform diffusion of heat across the entire skirt and perfect heat distribution.
  • Reinforced ceramic non-stick coating, designed for an intensive use.
  • Highly resistant to high heat and scratches: longer optimal slip.
  • 2 handles cast in the mass: unbreakable; easy handling of the utensil.
  • Caution: handle with care because the handles might get hot.
  • Do not heat on its own or overheat. Do not use metal objects in the cookware.
  • Care: wash by hand, non-abrasive sponge.
  • All cook tops including induction.

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