NOVITA Surgical Respirator R2 (KN95) Earband Face Mask per unit - BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE


Size: Medium - R2NANO-M
Rs 60


Model: R2
Product Description
  • Respirator sold will only be individually sealed and will not come in packaging box.
Proudly made in Singapore and certified with protection class of N95 & KN95, it is composed of 4-ply filter layers to achieve ≥98.79% filtration efficiency against 0.3 micron particle and ≥99.95% filtration efficiency against bacteria, providing effective protection and reducing inhalation exposure to harmful airborne contaminants. novita Surgical Respirators, designed for maximum protection with breathable comfort for you and your loved ones!
4-PLY FILTER LAYER: 1. Water-Resistance Non-Woven Cloth: Provide Effective Filtration against Particles, Aerosols and Fluids. 2 & 3. Electrostatic Duplex Melt-blow Material: Core layers are electrostatically-charged to attract and absorb ≥98.79% of PM0.3 and 99.95% of bacteria for maximum protection. 4. Hypoallergenic Non-Woven Cloth: Skin-friendly, Soft, Gentle with Breathability Comfort for better wearer experience.
  • KN95 GB2626-2006 (China Accredited Lab)
  • ASTM F2101-19 FDA Recognized Consensus Standards (Singapore Accredited Lab)
  • ASTM F1862-17 FDA Recognized Consensus Standards (Singapore Accredited Lab)
  • ASTM F2299-03 FDA Recognized Consensus Standards (Singapore Accredited Lab)
  • 16 CFR 1610 FDA Recognized Consensus Standards (Singapore Accredited Lab)
  • US NIOSH N95 Certifications: in progress (USA Accredited Lab)
  • Adjustable Metal Nose Bridge: Fits a wide range of face profiles
  • DIY Nose Bridge Pad (Optional): Plush cushioning for added comfort
  • 4-Ply Filter Layer: Composed for high quality materials to provide effective filtration performance and breathable comfort
  • Ultrasonic Seam: Seamless Designed Edges to ensure secure seal
  • Elastic Ear Band: Stretchable and Flexible for wearer's comfort 
  • Lightweight Design: Fold Flat design, Flexible 3D structure that offers an ergonomic true fit for an unrivalled comfortable wearing experience
  • Close Facial Fit: Ergonomically designed with close facial fit to seal around the nose and mouth to provide effective protection against airborne particles.
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency (NaCl): ≥ 98.79%
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: 99.95%
  • ASTM F1862-17 Synthetic Blood Penetration: Passed 120 mmHg
  • Shelf Life: 5 Years
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to 40°C
  • Storage Humidity: <80%
* Please keep the packaging sealed and store in cool dry place, away from sunlight/direct heat.

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