PROMATE 2.4GHz Ergonomic 2200 DPI Silent Click Wireless Mouse - SAMIT - New Arrival


Size: White - SAMIT.WHITE
Rs 590



Experience noise reduction and the same clicky feel with this silent-click wireless mouse. Samit reduces wrist fatigue and ensures long-term comfort with its streamlined thumb rest and ergonomic design. Track through the screen with drop-dead accuracy using the high-grade optical sensor and adjustable DPI controls up to 2200 DPI. Low power consumption ensures you don't need to worry about changing batteries frequently.

Technical Specifications

  • Rating: 1.5V/8mA
  • Sensor Resolution: 1200/1600/2200 DPI
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Battery: 1 x AA Battery
  • Working Time: 22 hours
  • Wireless Range: 8-10M 

Warranty Period:

  • 2 Years - Back to Base

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