TRAMONTINA 10'' [25cm] Professional Master Serrated Ham/Bread Slicer White 24627/080


Rs 790


Model 24627/080


Knife for thin cutting Tramontina Professional Master 254 mm (24627/080) - it is also called a bread knife. After all, he copes with cutting any products perfectly. They can also easily cut frozen foods. The blade-nail file and high-quality steel make this knife almost eternal!
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  • Blade material: stainless steel DIN 1.4110.
  • Blade thickness: 2mm.
  • Blade type: nail file.
  • Handle material: polypropylene with Microban antibacterial coating.
  • Blade width: 30 mm.
  • Total knife valley: 395 mm.
  • Weight: 130 g.

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