TRAMONTINA Set of 3 Pcs, Fork Set [Blister Packaging] - 23412/360


Rs 290


Model: 23412/360

Add quality and charm to your kitchen with the Plenus Range. Modern and versatile, the flatware sets create a classic look when neutral colors are used, or a more vibrant one if warm and varied colors are preferred. This complete range caters to different uses: from food preparation to table service. The Plenus Line can be used from breakfast to dinner, from a braai to a cheese board. The stainless steel blades and polypropylene handles are resistant and comfortable to handle. These items are dishwasher safe.

Main Functions and Benefits

  • The stainless steel blade are highly resistant due to the thickness of the steel and the metal stamping process.
  • Polypropylene handle.
  • Dishwasher safe to make your daily routine easier.

Wash and dry item thoroughly before first use.
Handle sharp object with care and keep them out of the reach of children.
For longer-lasting product, dry well before storing, including after removal from dishwasher.
Please recycle product and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines


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