TRAMONTINA 6'' [15cm] Century Fillet Knife - 24023/106


Rs 2,690


Model: 24023/106

Tramontina's Century knife range has been especially designed for intense use. They undergo a thermal treatment which consists of hardening the blade, sub-zero cooling, and tempering to increase the steel elasticity- All for the purpose of optimised longevity and usage.

  • Stainless steel filleting knife with a flexible blade, perfect for filleting meats and de-skinning fish
  • Special stainless steel forged blade ensures a longer lasting and accurate edge
  • The blade is tempered through heating treatment, making the knives extremely strong and giving them a long lasting cutting power
  • 58 HRC blade hardness, ensuring greater strength of the wire and cutting precision
  • Polycarbonate and fibreglass handle designed for perfect durability and balance
  • Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, an organisation internationally recognised by its consultancy, inspection, and training practices aimed at guaranteeing the sanitation of food, water, air, and the environment
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Blade length: 15cm
  • Dimensions: L 27.8cm x W 2.9cm x H 1.5cm


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