TRAMONTINA 7'' [18cm] Nakiri Sushi Knife 24232/047


Rs 3,190


Model: 24232/047

Tramontina's Sushi 7" stainless steel Nakiri knife with nylon handle, you will have the perfect utensil for trying new things with Asian cuisine. This knife guarantees high performance and precision with its top quality stainless steel blade and nylon handle with antimicrobial protection. This protection involves a technology that prevents the growth of bacteria and mold and that lasts for the entire lifetime of the knife. Surprise yourself with the best Asian dishes.

Main Functions and Benefits:

  • The high-performance stainless steel blade has a special edge for precise cuts.
  • The nylon handle has antimicrobial protection to inhibit and reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi. This technology is incorporated during the handle injection process and lasts throughout the entire life of the product, but it does not eliminate the need to wash it

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