TRAMONTINA 8'' [20cm] Century Utility Knife 24007/108


Rs 2,490


Model: 24007/108

The Tramontina Century 24007/106 utility knife is most often used in practice. Even in the absence of special tools for any work, cooks and housewives do an excellent job with them. Cut vegetables or meat, cheeses or sausages, carefully cut bread - all this is convenient to do with special knives. But if they are not there, a universal knife comes to the rescue.

Knives of the CENTURY series belong to professional high-quality knives, thanks to a special selection of materials and manufacturing technology.

CENTURY is a high-end, high-performance line of kitchen knives designed specifically for chefs and gourmets. The main feature of these knives is a very sharp sharpening, which allows you to cut food into extremely thin slices, even for the most complex and virtuoso recipes. This is achieved thanks to the forged blade: forging densifies the crystal lattice of the metal and makes the cutting edge of the knife more durable.

The perfectly ergonomic handle made of polycarbonate and fiberglass is an extension of the blade and ensures comfort and safety when cutting.

Century line kitchen knives are part of the top Tramontina series.

Tramontina produces kitchen utensils only from the finest 18/10 stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish that will not tarnish or darken over time. Each element is designed to satisfy the tastes of both the average homeowner and the most demanding professional chef.


  • Material: high-quality stainless steel forged DIN 1.4110
  • Thickness of the butt: 1.8 mm
  • Handle: polypropylene
  • 20cm blade length: L 31.4cm x W 2.5cm x H 1.3cm


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