TRAMONTINA Flex Garden Hose 2 layer 20m [Thread Connectors, Sprayer & Hose Wall Rack] 79320/202


Rs 1,190


Model 79320/202


Tending to your lawn should be a pleasant activity, which is why it is great to have a completely capable and durable hose. Tramontina's Flex hose adds efficiency and quality to your work and makes your daily routine easier. Manufactured with highly flexible and resistant material, the hose enables you to reach the hardest spots when watering your lawn.

  • Flexible hose and easy to use.
  • Has 20 m long.
  • It can handle up to 58 psi of water pressure [4 bar] and 30 °C of temperature.
  • Includes 1 adjustable sprayer and 1 hose adapter with threaded coupling.
  • The sprayer has a practical system to adjust the water flow through the frontal regulator.
  • The sprayer can be connected to hoses with a threaded fixing system.


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