TRAMONTINA Churrasco 12pcs Stainless Steel Flatware Set with Brown Polywood Handles - 21199/909


Rs 2,490


Model: 21199/909

Tramontina's 12-piece stainless steel flatware set with brown Polywood handles is ideal for you to do beautifully well from preparing to serving a delicious barbecue. This Churrasco line set includes high-quality items such as knives and forks made of highly durable stainless steel and treated Polywood handles with a distinctive design, resistant to shock and high temperatures. An excellent choice for those who wish to provide a top-quality experience for everyone.

Main Functions and Benefits:

  • Steak knives: longer durability of the blades sharp due to the tempering process.
  • Table forks: stainless steel thickness and stamped blades provide high resistance to the products, avoiding damages.
  • Durable treated wood handles.
  • Impact and high temperature resistant.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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